Our brand

Make your beautiful life practical. Keep in touch, stay touched up. Everything in one place. Pout aspires to give you more of what is most precious to each and every one of us: time. So, we spent yearslooking for the ultimate way to help you save some of that preciousness everyday; to simplify your life andamplify your look. Pout make-up, recommended by make-up professionals world wide, accommodates any style. From vibrant colours to natural shades, the exceptional quality is industry leading, produced in the EU and ECARF certified. Ideal for creating a look, and touching-up one. Bring your case, own your pout.

Our founder

Nafissa created POUT out of necessity. A successful entrepreneur and constant traveller, she found herself needing an easy solution in a fast life - being always prepared without planning ahead. During one of her board meetings, she lent a compact from her sister for an emergency touch-up, and as soon as she had conveniently attached it to her phone to go to the bathroom, the idea for POUT was born. The light touch-up brightened her look, and the ease lightened her day. Nafissa believes this little box of convenience is the case of the future; the perfect application, always with you.