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Our brand

At POUT we aspire to make things easier. Our aim is to solve a universal problem of having too many things and too little space.

We believe we’ve created the sexiest gadget in the world. It simplifies your life, and amplifies your looks. Anytime. Anywhere. We’ve spent years searching for the most perfect makeup to suit different lifestyles. We are proud of outstanding quality of every item that lives inside each POUT, lovingly developed and produced in Germany.

We want you to have fun. Leave multi-tasking to us.
POUT, and be beautiful 24/7.

Meet the Founder

Nafissa is a dreamer, a tech geek, a girl about town, and an entrepreneur. Having studied finance, she has worked at Morgan Stanley, and has been actively involved in some of her family’s businesses.

POUT wasn’t born in a day. But the idea behind it was instant. And it started with a phone, a compact, and a hairband.

It was during a board meeting when having just come from a gym Nafissa found herself barefaced and with no handbag in sight. She turned to her sister sitting nearby and received a compact under the table. Trying to be discreet, she attached the compact to her phone with a hairband and sneaked out of the room.

Once in the bathroom she realized what she had in her hands was a terrific solution. ‘It made sense. When consistently on the go, you need to keep application quick and convenient without the need to always pull out a make-up bag, along with numerous brushes’.

What started as a passion project, in parallel to her main career, soon became a meticulously thought through, three year journey.

Aside from never knowing where she will be next week, Nafissa firmly believes that anybody can turn a bad busy day into a good one.

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